Privacy Policy

At Utopia we value privacy. We guarantee confidential treatment, safeguarding all of the information provided by our clients.

Any information given to Utopia will not be used in an abusive way or without the client's knowledge. If Utopia intends to use a client's data, a permission will be asked in writing.

Utopia's products and services may not be used to disclose fake or difamatory, abusive, racist and/or xenophobic contents, as well as information resulting from privacy invasion, protected by copy right or that, in any way, violate the law.

Reselling or disclosing information to others

Every piece of personal data collected by our website are intended for our company's personal use, not being, on any situation, disclosed to others.

Personal information is treated in a lawful and legal way.

Utopia may only disclose personal data if requested by the authorities, on the terms of  the law and in order to achieve lawful purposes.

Information collected through the website

The information collected through the website serves statistical purposes.

Personal data are kept in order to allow user identification, as long as the use of the service persists. That data is distroyed when the user removes the account.

The client, through or website or any other contact method, may always access to his/her personal data, as well as the possibility to update or remove it.

Newsletter policy privacy

Anyone can subscribe Utopia's newsletter, using the form provided on the website. Email addresses will not be disclosed to other users and the user is free to ask for the newsletter subscription cancellation.