About us

Plako is a company dedicated to the development of software solutions that are based on Internet infrastructure.

We believe that technology can make a fundamental contribution to reducing the negative impact of the human species on the planet and to prove it in Plako continuously tries to reduce the ecological footprint daily through small gestures and actions because it is with small steps that we can achieve great goals.

At Plako we know that the role of companies is not only commercial, and that social responsibilities are inseparable from a fair and balanced leadership.

We intend to involve the maximum agents (locations, support and partners) so that, together, we can reach this dream to the maximum of people: awakening them to the need to have an active posture with regard to environmental sustainability (make projects that do not compromise the resources - scarce - tomorrow) and inspiring them with our Utopia acting with the same passion we do in Plako.

Plako Universe