Terms and Conditions

These conditions are agreed between the owner of the brand Green Utopia - Plakonet Tecnologias de Informação, Lda. , NIPC 507 155 741 - hereinafter referred to as "Green Utopia" and, on the other hand, the legal entities that wish to make a purchase of our services (Cowork Space, Virtual Offices or Space Rental) through our website, hereinafter referred to as "Client". 

The parties agree that their relationship shall be governed exclusively by the conditions described herein.

Green Utopia undertakes to comply with all current legislation on distance selling, as well as other legal provisions in force that apply to this particular business. 

1 - Purpose
The object of these conditions is to define the terms of sale between Green Utopia and the Client. These conditions regulate all the steps required to submit a booking intention/quotation request and what the subsequent procedures are.

2 - Content
The content of this Website, including its design and software, is the property of Green Utopia. Consequently, the copy, use, reproduction, distribution or any type of communication of the information contained here must be authorized in writing by Green Utopia. 

In case of doubt regarding the characteristics of a specific service, please contact us though our contact form or, if you prefer, by phone on +351 253 339 233.

3 - Reservations

To make a reservation, the client must provide their personal data: name, address, contacts, period of stay, amont others.

The submission of the reservation request will be followed by an email contact by a member of Green Utopia team. After validation by our team, you must proceed with the respective payment within 3 working days.

Accepted payment methods are Bank Transfer and PayPal.
For any of the services offered, the booking confirmation is only valid after written validation by one of the member of the Green Utopia team.

4 - Stay in the cowork space

Check-in at the cowork space can only be done on working days (Monday to Friday) between 9:30h and 18:00h, and checkout until 18:00h. If you wish to check in during the weekend, please submit that request to the Green Utopia team to assess this possibility.

During the remaining days, you can enjoy the cowork space at any time. To be able to access the space, you will be provided with an App valid only during the period in which you made your reservation. Access to this app is personal and non-transferable.

During your stay, you can use different equipment and utensils free of charge (coffee machine, bicycle, cutlery, etc). However, it is up to each visitor to handle each equipment and utensil with dure care and safety, leaving each material in the same state in which he found it. 

The client must keep your workplace cleand and tidy. Our space has a cleaning service, however we appeal to the civility of each visitor to maintain a cleand and pleasant space for all who use it.

At Green Utopia we take environmental and sustainability issues very seriously and carry out small environmentally friendly actions daily. For this reason, we have multiple bins for recycling used waste, which all visitors must respect and use, as well as our composting process.

We want to provide all our clients with a unique, pleasant and productive work experience. Avoid excessive telephone communications in common spaces. For formal and informal meetings or other contacts (in person or online), request our meeting room which may be available depending on the booking schedule.

Green Utopia is not responsible for damage or theft of the belongings of our visitors.

For security reasons, our interior and exterior spaces are under a surveillance system, and images are recorded.

Green Utopia has free private parking for its clients. However, it is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicles.

Failure to comply with the rules and procedures may lead to the cancellation of the rental contract and the Client's departure with a ban on the use of the space and services.

5 - Virtual Offices
The telephone answering service (automatic or personalized) is available between 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm on working days.

The receipt and treatment of registered mail or with acknowledgment of receipt will only be done with the prior written consent of the actual recipient.